Monday, March 5, 2012

Tips to Earn JunoCredits on JunoWallet

There are currently 5 ways to earn JunoCredits. 
  • REWARDS PER INVITE. Earn through inviting or referring friends or other people on JunoWallet. (earn $0.50 per qualified referrals and also earn $0.25 per qualified referrals of your referrals).  
  • REWARDS PER INSTALL. Earn through installing and running sponsored apps.
  • REWARDS PER FAN. Earn by just Liking the advertisements.
  • REWARDS PER SPONSORPAY. Earn by Completing offers from Sponsorpay.
  • REWARDS PER W3i. Earn by Completing offers from W3i.

Earning JunoCredits is just easy! Here are some tips to earn more JunoCredits:
  • Check the Junowallet App daily if there are Sponsored Apps and Also Offers from SponsorPay and W3i. Install the apps immediately because it might be unavailable soon.
  • Liking Fan Pages is probably the easiest way to earn JunoCredits but there is only limited advertisements. Check if there pages to be liked daily.
  • Referring People is where you'll succeed more on earning more JunoCredits. Referring is not that hard. The first thing you need to do is refer all of the people you know that owns an iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch or an android phone. You can earn referrals just from there. 
  • Promote JunoWallet along with your Referral Code through Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Post a bulletin and let people know how they can earn free gift cards. The key is not to spam everywhere but to find out what people want and tell them how they can get it free. 
  • Make a simple video about how the Junowallet works and tell what gift cards they can get and then upload it to Youtube or other video sites. Here's a simple video I created: 

  • Promote Junowallet on forums where others might be interested in free gift cards.
  • Encourage the people whom you referred to refer other people also because you can earn $0.25 per qualified refferal.
  • Your creativity is key. Let everyone know through as many ways as you can think of about Junowallet and you will see your referral count.

Junowallet is totally legit. As of 03/5/2012, Ive totally redeemed $75 worth of iTunes gift card and they are all valid and I just joined 2 months ago. Earning JunoCredits is that Easy!! Here's a screenshot of my JunoCredit History:

 For those of you who haven't joined Junowallet, TRY IT NOW!! Just download from the App Store from your iOS Device or Android Market. It's that easy to get free GIFT CARDS!!

Please use my referral code: MR114460 if you haven't entered one. You'll get a bonus of $0.25 of entering a Referral code. Don't Believe other people saying you can earn more if you enter their code or people saying that they have hacked accounts. That's all lies.

Please use my code, I will surely appreciate it a lot.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


  1. Hi,one of my friend used my invitation code but i did not receive 50 cents,can you tell me why didn't I get my 50 cents ?

    1. Your friend has to make $1 in credit first.
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